The question of the hour, who are we and why would we want to do this?

John and Shaunamarie are the owners, operators, and designers at VentShop.  We work together to figure out solutions for every website we do.  And if there is something that we don't know we do our best to figure it out.  It seems like every day is a learning process, a new way to code something to make it work a bit better, or a cool trick to make a graphic look awesome.  That is why we enjoy doing this, it's definitely not because we want to be millionaires by the time we are forty, lol.  We enjoy dealing with people directly and making sure everything is the way they want it to be. 

A bit more about us. . . we currently live in Oklahoma City, OK.  We both enjoy watching movies and computer gaming.  The computer gaming is our therapy system, there is nothing like a husband and wife on opposite teams hunting each other and talking about it right after one of us dies laughing about it with our friends.  You can’t buy better therapy than that.  At one point in time we were approached by someone asking about a Ventrilo server and soon after VentShop.net was born.  We jumped right in setting up our Ventrilo servers and got a hold of some web space so we could put a site online sponsoring our servers.  Then we were asked by our landlord at the time about the possibility of setting a website up for his apartment building.  John started playing with some things and basically about that time VentShop Hosting Services was born. . . It has been 5 years now and we are up to a total of 6 domains and working on some more websites.  We still host our original site for the apartment building, a couple sites for a Lawton, OK restaurant, a Lawton Optometrist, and a website for a friend of ours' small animals.  We are always looking at new things and ways to make them work for us, as well as new angles for our current sites, and new sites that we can design.

John is really a geek and jack of all trades.  Apart from hosting the websites and Ventrilo servers he also fixes computers and often times tries to fix computers for people who otherwise could not afford to have one.  He has often said " If I had the money I would build computers and sell them for cost or maybe even give them away.  He has done a ton of different work as well. . . maintenance of an apartment building, concrete road paving, finish carpentry at a modular home manufacturer and has helped work on cars and houses while he was growing up.  One of his current favorite projects is his saltwater aquarium that he designed built and maintains.

Why have a website from Ventshop.net?

We enjoy dealing with the people we are building sites for and though we are definitely not the biggest company out there we pride ourselves in being hands on.  Even before a page hits the web we test on both Windows and Linux based systems using multiple web browsers, including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Epiphany and Konqueror.  We do this so we know what your pages will look like on a multitude of systems and allows us to make sure things show up properly.  In our site design we are using a 24" widescreen monitor to allow us a large view of a page but also test with monitors running much lower resolutions, this allows us to make a page that looks nice on a smaller screen but also gives us the ability to work with systems that run almost any resolution.  If you surf the web with a large screen or a high resolution you can see that many pages are rendered for only one screen size and when you use a larger monitor or even worse a widescreen monitor those pages waste over half the screen.

Why have a Ventrilo server from Ventshop.net?

Our servers have the ability to use all codecs and qualities, even the speex codec required for Mac gamers. 

We pride ourselves in helping with anything we can, and you may see us on Ventrilo with you just to check and see how things are going and if you need any help just let us know.

We aren't the biggest company out there for a reason, we want to keep the personal touch of interacting with our customers directly, not just hiring some people who work 9-5 and read responses from a book or copy and paste everything as a response.


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