Welcome to VentShop Web Services.


VentShop is a small home based web service company, we strive to be very real and down to earth with everything we do so that we can bring the best we can to you. 


We started off hosting Ventrilo servers for gamers on a whim and naturally began integrating websites into the mix very early on.  We have grown from only designing and hosting only one site to now having half a dozen and still ready to work on some more.


At VentShop we like to talk with and work with the people we design for directly and if you are within our home area often we will make a trip out to you so that things can be explained first hand.  We don't want to be the big multinational corporation with a huge support staff just because we don't want to loose that personal touch everyone enjoys and deserves.  So look around, check things out and let us know if there is something we can put together for you.




The VentShop Team

Webesite design, hosting, and Ventrilo servers.